Talking branding

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Our Creative Director Brent Anderson recently had the good fortune to be interviewed by Grits and Grids, a tasty new design blog focusing on food branding (in particular, restaurants). Mighty thanks to Joseph Szala for the interest and opportunity.

Letter to a 25 year-old

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In my so-called adult life I’ve developed a theory: until you hit age 25, you don’t and can’t know a damn thing about the real you. Hopefully you’ve been fortunate to avoid undue hardship or life’s bleak realities at too tender an age. If so, by your early twenties you’re barely just starting to get […]

Give. And receive.

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We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s better to give than receive.” Particularly over the holiday season. That thought is still on our post-Christmas brains because of two opportunities recently presented to us which we’ll get into in a second. Like any small business, we don’t have much downtime. Too many daily details deservedly demanding attention […]

Collaboration is key

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It’s a foundational component of our work ethic and business model. Nobody functions well in a vacuum, particularly when it comes to creativity and bouncing ideas around. Plus it’s a helluva lot more fun to work with people you respect and who bring out the best in you. Over the years we’ve cultivated professional friendships […]

Dia de los Logos Muertos

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We all have them. The scrapped ideas, the missed opportunities, the logos lost and the creative the client didn’t buy. Much of which we still love, remember and draw upon for inspiration. So today we celebrate the diamonds in the discard pile and honor the ghosts of projects past (below one for CocoaBella Chocolates in […]

What your desk says about you.

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I recently carved out some home office space in the basement and seemed to be putting a LOT of effort into getting everything on and around my desk just right. In few other areas of my life am I in any way fastidious or overly concerned about order. But in this case there was an […]

One Million Cups: It takes a network.

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We’ve been fortunate of late to have finally been able to participate on a semi-regular basis in Kansas City’s One Million Cups events.    Every Wednesday morning, ever-growing crowds of aspiring entrepreneurs and the merely curious alike filter into our city’s ever-awesome resource the Kauffman Foundation to down copious amounts of coffee, get to know each other, grill each […]

Elevated new branding, fully baked.

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Here’s another new logo tease, this one for our most recent client, Dolce Baking Company. They’re a wildly popular Kansas City baker of irresistible sweet treats, renowned in particular for their cinnamon rolls, cookies and custom cakes. After five years in business and soon to move to a larger space, owner Erin Brown decided her […]

Branding the craft beer explosion

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Writing this on a return flight from my hometown of San Diego, where I once again had the good fortune to wash down glorious fish tacos with equally magnificent craft beers. San Diego is literally bathing in beer. So much so that it has deservedly earned a place alongside Colorado and Portland as one of […]

The moose is loose.

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We love our pal and client Celina Tio, a renowned James Beard Award-winning chef who’s gained much notoriety over the last couple years for her fierce competitive spirit on popular cooking shows like Top Chef Masters and The Next Iron Chef. She opened her first restaurant Julian three years ago and remains committed to Kansas […]