Not chocolatiers themselves, the owners of this unique San Francisco chocolate operation source and sell the finest representations of regional chocolate-making styles from around the world. Though well-established in the Bay Area and online, CocoaBella lacked a story or a look, feel and voice that helped better tell it.

Many of the chocolates in their shops came from European countries steeped in chocolate history and tradition, while others are from more adventurous modern artisans in the U.S. and Canada, like Christopher Elbow. We helped CocoaBella find their essence in that balance: Discovery. Here was one place where you could experience chocolate styles and flavors from around the world.

The resulting brand design and extensions are strong, clean and updated, but patterns, signage and language reflect a respect for where it all started. The project was an extensive packaging and organizational challenge, in that the business offers multiple box sizes and ever-changing collections and confections. It required a flexible, adaptable system because new chocolatiers are sourced annually.

Design collaboration: Jordan Gray

Cocoabella logo before and after

Full cocoabella logo

Cocoabella patterns

color palette

Cocoabella box with sticker

Cocoabella box band

open cocoabella box

Booklet open

booklet open spread

Booklet spread 3

Cocoabella stickers and cards

Cocobella gift card

Boxed confections

Cocoabella shop front

Cocoabella window crops


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