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The cooking class is now in session.

After now three years running her successful restaurant, Julian, chef Celina Tio got antsy for more. So she recently launched Collection in Kansas City’s Crossroads neighborhood, a constantly evolving former warehouse district near downtown now home to artists, creative agencies and great bars and restaurants.

The name derives from Tio’s former boarding school in Pennsylvania, where the mascot was a moose. “Collection” was a homeroom-type gathering time for students. The restaurant fosters that kind of casual interaction over some of Tio’s personal favorite dishes, like her takes on baked rigatoni with sausage and manchego mac n’ cheese.

The tight-budget identity and elements hinge on a stylized moose head that is at once familiar and intriguing. The script word mark utilizes some signature flourish without getting overly fussy, while the dominant red-orange in the color palette conveys friendly energy and fun.

Design collaboration: Nathaniel Cooper and Jordan Gray

Collection awning

Collection awning closeup

Collection window graphic

Collection menu

Collection menu closeup

Collection coasters

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