Flour power!

Dolce Baking Co. was five years old and well-known in the Kansas City area. But owner Erin Brown felt her branding didn’t match up to her baked goods or her vision for the company. A planned move to a larger location nearby provided the perfect opportunity to re-envision what her dream could look like.

We helped Erin divine the true essence of her business and how to elevate it, particularly in the space itself through environmental elements she hadn’t tried before, like a menu board.  The name was tweaked to a more friendly and familiar Dolce Bakery. The new logo, color palette and design arsenal now embody the fine balance of Erin’s philosophy: Signature twists on bakery classics. The copy tone, like Erin and her crew, is friendly, slightly irreverent and indicative of the love for what they do.

As with so many small businesses trying to grow, the branding budget was limited. So we gave new life to existing packaging materials (like bags and boxes) through rubber stamps, multiple patterns and a vibrant, coordinated set of stickers. Added personality comes through touches like a customizable specials board and window graphics that evoke Parisian cafés while communicating all that’s on offer in the shop.

Design collaboration: Sarah Nelsen  Photography: Alistair Tutton


Dolce Bakery logo Dolce bakery logo 2

Dolce coming soon posters

Dolce logo door

Open Sign

Dolce window graphics

Menu board

Dolce specials board

Sticker rolls

Dolce sticker on box

Dolce box stack

Dolce t-shirt back

Dolce branding materials

Dolce boxes

Dolce letterpress cards 1

Dolce letterpress cards close up

Counter cards

Dolce granola bags

Dolce Bakery manifesto

Dolce cake cards

Dolce cinnamon roll


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